NOT Happy Women’s Day

Women are the world’s greatest magicians.

Now if you’re gay, you’re a woman too. Read on.

Inside every woman is magic. It is complex and beautiful. It is fiery, creative, strong, resilient, nourishing and full of life. It is a myriad of her ideas, ideals, truths, principles and desires. In and with that magic, anything she puts her hands on, flourishes. She dreams passionately, she creates with generosity, she climbs her rocky mountain religiously, and when she reaches the peak she helps others to do the same. Her magic enables her to give birth to beautiful things. These beautiful things are her children. They add to her depth, they make her eyes brighter, her skin glowing more, even her hair, extra shiny. Her ‘beautiful things’ better the world.

This is why I HATE hearing stories of women who have been, or are being abused. To make a woman feel inferior, unworthy or inhibited is to kill her magic.


Women fought long and difficult to stop gender-based violence, receive equal rights and gain respect in a man’s world. Now if you are not experiencing any physical abuse but you feel like your life is not your own, that you have no voice or legs to speak and stand for yourself, know that you can stop your demons. Rekindle your magic. Use it.

There are perpetrators large and looming in every woman’s dreams, they are in our chest, our head, our gut, they make us doubt our worth and beauty. They make us doubt the authenticity and validity of our feelings and ideas. They make us doubt our capacity to set out the desires of our heart and live our lives in our own terms, based on the acceptance of our uniqueness and joys.


I missed posting this on Women’s Day. But every day is a Woman’s day. ‘Happy’ had been very much overused in Birthdays, New Year, Easter or Halloween etc.. Instead of some happiness, I wish every woman some ‘knowing’. Deep and soulful. What is ‘happy’ for the inherently magical and wonderful woman that you are?

Whatever shape, size, or skin tone you have, inside you is magic that is brimming with brilliance. You are not ordinary. Your beauty is beyond any shifting societal deinitions of what is beautiful. Embrace and understand your magic. Use it to kill your demons, along with the inexplicable loneliness or longing, that sense of being tied down, or scared, confused or lost. Your ideas, ideals, truths and hopes are your children. Give them voice and legs. Use all your heart and soul. Whether your demons are outside forces or within you, you can survive them. You must. And from your survival, you can thrive. Aim to.

The world is waiting for all your extraordinary, life-enriching, gorgeous children, that are equally magical and brilliant, and set to better the world.




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